About Me

Hi Everyone!

The theme of my blog will focus on science as a whole. This won’t be an ordinary blog because I will try to keep my readers as engaged as possible. I will include many videos and illustrations to provide my readers with the most complete picture.

I’ll be discussing interesting topics that everyone else would hopefully find as fascinating as I do. Wrapping our heads around modern and natural marvels can be demeaning, however breaking them down will be the key to our success and to my blog.

I don’t expect that my answers will be perfect and wholesome, nonetheless, I will try to find the most trustworthy sources to pull all my information. As a result of my un-professional knowledge in these topics, I expect that you! (my readers) will correct me anytime you think I said something wrong.

Also, I expect that my readers will ask me questions about different topics for me to address in my following week’s blog post.

Thank you for reading this,

Dori Shoshan


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